Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hoop Dance Styles

Hoop Dancing can take on so many forms. I thought I'd like to highlight some different styles of hoop dance just to demonstrate how versatile this art form can be.

Ballet Inspired Hoop Dance

Burlesque Hoop Dance

Off Body / Isolations / Modern

Circus / Contortion

Belly Dance

Trick Based / On Location


Steampunk / Modern

Multi Hooping

LED Hoop Dancing

Fire Hooping

Partner Hooping

Native Hoop Dance

Dancing with a hoop can lead to other forms of flow arts like ariel hoop or lyra, manipulation, poi, staff and I'm sure a bunch of other art forms I'm not aware of.

There is a video of a very cool chick doing a modern hoop dance in an empty swimming pool...and I can't find it online for the life of me...I'll keep looking!

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