Sunday, 13 October 2013

kitchen hooping

Another evening at home and I'm doing what I love...hooping in the kitchen. Not a glass was broken, nor a light fixture busted. It was a great night! Enjoy and happy hooping to you!

Friday, 4 October 2013

Nailing a Trick

Never have I been so euphoric than when I nailed the 3 beat weave for the first time. I captured it on video and you can check out the above link to see how cray I was. The raw video is already on my blog under 1 year hooping but I wanted to capture all the foolishness with this video. I held it together pretty good...I was yearning to get this trick for so long, not getting it,  getting fed up, then one day I saw a tutorial and I found it just made so much sense and was broken down so well. Thank you to Emma from

I've added you to my list of hoop crushes, FYI;)

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

hoop focus vs hoop day dream

Lately my focus has been all over the place....oh it's all still focused on hoop dancing...but in so many directions! For starters I created a little youtube channel:

Which is a great side project. I'm a bit conflicted on how much to put out there in the big wide world. But this blog site was giving me trouble whenever I wanted to upload my videos and facebook took down my first video when I uploaded it. Some helpful hoopers on the Hooplovers fb page suggested that my video be embedded as a youtube link...well that was a whole learning curve! Copyrite notice making me a bit paranoid so my 2nd upload was with free music supplied by youtube....

So here's a is it that every hoop video I watch (like dozens per week) there is music going everyone getting these I just paranoid? Maybe I need to have the music playing in the video rather than layered onto the video and the original audio erased. So confused.

Another direction I am so excited about is my distance training to become a Certified Hoopnotica Hoop Dance Instructor! I devoured the manual in hours in between meetings at motivated and exited about this opportunity! Distance training is my only option for me with family responsibilities and living in little ole'  PEI. I really can't wait to become a part of the Hoopnotica Family. So positive and encouraging and to connect with others with a shared passion...I'm so craving a hoop community it's crazy. So my hoop homework for this training involves an exam, a video of introduction, a video of flow and a video of me teaching for 45 minutes. I am hopeful that I will find a volunteer:

Along the same thread is my hoop dance classes that I lead once per week. I've been leading a hoop dance class since January with some success. Some classes were awesome with over 10 people. The numbers dropped this summer so I'm trying my best to put the word out - flyers, online ads, facebook...everything I can think of short of purchasing ad space in the paper or going on the news:)

I so dearly wish for a hoop community to exist here in PEI. It will take time. I will need to be more patient.



World Hoop Day is coming up this Saturday and I signed up to participate in the choreography - I have tried to recruit others but no one has confirmed. So I shall be a soloist! Next year will be different. Today I bought a cute hairband with a fancy green feather flower on it for the video. Gonna glam it up a bit! Such a great cause! If you don't know what World Hoop Day is all about check out their site:

I'm thinking about making another hoop supply purchase but this time going with 5/8 inch PE tubing for less chunk and lighter hoops but still good for adults and hoop dance. I really should sell the hoops I have in stock already though. Then my focus shifts back to smaller hoops and wishing I had some minis that are not kids hoops. My new favorite shop has free shipping in Canada...

I have already ordered and received 2 poly pro hoops (tubing that's just not available in PEI) and after watching Emma from Hooping Mad give a tutorial on the 3 beat weave I totally nailed took a week or so. I captured the trick clicking on video and I am quite giddy with joy.
I'll add that video to my youtube;)

And finally another area of focus: hoop dance challenges. I think I am committed to 2 at the moment. One is through Hooplovers - flow session, 12 weeks with daily guidance for how to work that hoop and it's been wonderful so far. I can't say I've been at it consistently just because of my hectic life with children and a reoccurring neck issue - but I'm doing what I can...don't tell my chiropractor! Also has a 30/30's another way for me to connect with other hoopers. This connection that I keep seeking is a theme that won't go away. So it's making me dream about hoop retreats in exotic locations.  If you could go to any hoop retreat where would you go? Who would you want to train with? Have you a hoop crush that you would love to hoop with and learn from?

And so this is my hoop update. The daydreams are wonderful escapes and energizing. Wishing you energy, focus and of course meaningful time in your hoop<3

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

photo shoot

A beautiful August day in Prince Edward Island visiting The Dunes Cafe and Gallery - my favorite gardens and my first time hooping in this magical location. Photographs taken by the talented Mark Knudson.

 Rooftop garden and patio.

I was seeing hoops everywhere.
 Inside the gallery
And finally, my favorite shot of the day.

Friday, 9 August 2013

thread the needle!

I've always loved this twin move and wondered if at all i could do it....I could just barely contain myself after getting this move down yesterday for the first time.
And for my next trick....I really would love to know how to do 'the waterfall'. There are so many great tutorials out there. My go-to site for tutorials is where it's all organized so beautifully.
Happy Hooping!

Monday, 5 August 2013

one year hooping

One year of hooping and I'm so blissfully proud of all that I have accomplished in these 12 months. With so many personal losses the hoop has allowed me to feel like I have some control. Achieving new skills, creating a community, stretching my comfort zone and letting my soul move....facing challenges and conquering what used to seem impossible. The 3 beat weave has mesmerized me and now I have done it...I kept cracking up because I couldn't believe I was doing it! Big big big thank you to Emma from and her thorough tutorial.

Monday, 25 February 2013

My Hoop Mama

A Hoop Mama / Papa is the person who turned you on to Hooping...maybe taught you your first move, ignited this new passion you have for hoop dance or lent you their hoop for your first try.
This is the person who started it all for you.
I didn't have an in person hoop mama...I kind of just found my first hoop in the grocery store and felt the need to buy a toy for myself - a kind of way to escape and set some personal challenges to strive for.

As I got used to waist hooping on my own I thought there must be something on youtube about hula hooping and holy moly...I really didn't anticipate that there would be a whole community out there!
Here are some links to the first tutorials that helped me:

Lift up

Drop Down


Happy Hooping!

Friday, 18 January 2013

January Hooping: Dungeon vs Studio

Here's me hooping up a storm in my basement:

I counted 3 fumbles...

And this evening I got a chance to take in some studio time at Dance Stars Academy. So wonderful to not have pipes and joists just a few feet over my head...very restrictive in hoop dance!
fewer fumbles but not as tricky as the dungeon hooping...getting close to my goal of no drops in one song!

Technology is being mean to me today so I'm sorry I couldn't post the videos directly...Click the links and enjoy! Lots of goofy moments in there for you!

New Goal: More choreography and flow! Still not too shabby for 5 months hooping. I can't really pin point when I first started to hoop but I know it was after my daughter's birthday but before my some time around Aug 1/12.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Who's Who in Hoop Dance

Through all the online videos, tutorials, performances, online shops and blogs there seems to be a number of hoop celebrities. Not celebrities who are doing hula hooping. I'm talking about the hoopers who are leading, mentoring, and encouraging other hoopers in their hoop journey.

Some are innovators. Some are philosophical. Some are teachers. Some are performers. Some are all of these and more.

Here are some of the hoop celebrities I've been able to gleen from my online research:

Anah Reichenbach aka Hoopalicious - performances, workshops, philosophy
since she's the mother of hoop dance she can have 2 links here:)

Who will I be in 30 days?

I'm feeling like I should focus my motivation a bit...give myself a structure. So I've committed to doing 30 minutes of hoop dance each day for 30 days. I am recording myself and my goal is twofold. To make it through a song without a fumble and 2nd to see what kind of hooper I become after one month of focused dance. The video documentation will be revealing...I hope!

So far I've followed through on my commitment to myself for 6 days. I was actually getting bored with my dance style. So I busted out the Hoopnotica dvds and found some old moves I forgot I knew and it gave me a burst of energy!

Going over my videos from the last few nights I can see how DARK the dungeon is!
I'll get a nice bright video up here soon.

Happy Hooping

Hooping for Him

There are a lot of dudes who are hoop are a few of the more well known:

 Nick Broyd

Chad Forsberg

Jon Coyne (Hoopsmiles)

Nick Guzzardo

Steve Bags

Rich Porter

Zach from Ninja Hoops

Baxter from Hoop Path

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Dance Space = Motivation

Oh boy, hoopers!
I got a minute to visit a new dance studio that will be opening this month here in Charlottetown tonight.   Dance Stars Academy is working on their multi studio space and I'm super pumped that I will get to rent one of their empty studios for my practices or group classes/hoop jams and down the road workshops.

The studios will have a professional dance floor installed which means extra spring in our step! The ceilings are nice and high for those over the head moves and tosses. Dance Stars Academy will be the dance destination to train exciting for them!

Here is their site:

Now to take my burst of motivation and get to my 30 min for 30 days challenge. Not only am I focused on this 30 day goal, working at some mini hoops I just got yesterday, playing with my new LED polypro that I must share with my hooper 5 yr old daughter, reading a hoop bootcamp guide I found online...but I'm also working on some blog posts about dude hoopers and who all the hoop gurus are. Revolution Hoops was launched on Facebook and I'm getting closer to starting a hooping community/ business.

This will be a hoopy new year indeed!