Monday, 5 August 2013

one year hooping

One year of hooping and I'm so blissfully proud of all that I have accomplished in these 12 months. With so many personal losses the hoop has allowed me to feel like I have some control. Achieving new skills, creating a community, stretching my comfort zone and letting my soul move....facing challenges and conquering what used to seem impossible. The 3 beat weave has mesmerized me and now I have done it...I kept cracking up because I couldn't believe I was doing it! Big big big thank you to Emma from and her thorough tutorial.


  1. Happy 1year hooping day! :) It was so great feeling to see your happiness in that video :) It is THE best feeling ever when you do some trick succesfully <3

    You have nice blog, I am your new reader :)

    1. Thank you so much Noora:)I'm glad I decided to capture the moment...even if I look silly! It's absolutely the best feeling! Thanks for commenting and I'll post something fun soon:)