Monday, 25 February 2013

My Hoop Mama

A Hoop Mama / Papa is the person who turned you on to Hooping...maybe taught you your first move, ignited this new passion you have for hoop dance or lent you their hoop for your first try.
This is the person who started it all for you.
I didn't have an in person hoop mama...I kind of just found my first hoop in the grocery store and felt the need to buy a toy for myself - a kind of way to escape and set some personal challenges to strive for.

As I got used to waist hooping on my own I thought there must be something on youtube about hula hooping and holy moly...I really didn't anticipate that there would be a whole community out there!
Here are some links to the first tutorials that helped me:

Lift up

Drop Down


Happy Hooping!

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