Friday, 18 January 2013

January Hooping: Dungeon vs Studio

Here's me hooping up a storm in my basement:

I counted 3 fumbles...

And this evening I got a chance to take in some studio time at Dance Stars Academy. So wonderful to not have pipes and joists just a few feet over my head...very restrictive in hoop dance!
fewer fumbles but not as tricky as the dungeon hooping...getting close to my goal of no drops in one song!

Technology is being mean to me today so I'm sorry I couldn't post the videos directly...Click the links and enjoy! Lots of goofy moments in there for you!

New Goal: More choreography and flow! Still not too shabby for 5 months hooping. I can't really pin point when I first started to hoop but I know it was after my daughter's birthday but before my some time around Aug 1/12.

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