Sunday, 6 January 2013

Who will I be in 30 days?

I'm feeling like I should focus my motivation a bit...give myself a structure. So I've committed to doing 30 minutes of hoop dance each day for 30 days. I am recording myself and my goal is twofold. To make it through a song without a fumble and 2nd to see what kind of hooper I become after one month of focused dance. The video documentation will be revealing...I hope!

So far I've followed through on my commitment to myself for 6 days. I was actually getting bored with my dance style. So I busted out the Hoopnotica dvds and found some old moves I forgot I knew and it gave me a burst of energy!

Going over my videos from the last few nights I can see how DARK the dungeon is!
I'll get a nice bright video up here soon.

Happy Hooping

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