Sunday, 6 January 2013

Who's Who in Hoop Dance

Through all the online videos, tutorials, performances, online shops and blogs there seems to be a number of hoop celebrities. Not celebrities who are doing hula hooping. I'm talking about the hoopers who are leading, mentoring, and encouraging other hoopers in their hoop journey.

Some are innovators. Some are philosophical. Some are teachers. Some are performers. Some are all of these and more.

Here are some of the hoop celebrities I've been able to gleen from my online research:

Anah Reichenbach aka Hoopalicious - performances, workshops, philosophy
since she's the mother of hoop dance she can have 2 links here:)

Brecken - performances

Sprial - performances

Rich Porter - performances

Safire - Canadian! woo! online teacher through, performances

Caroleeena - lots of great performances and tutorials

Babz Robinson - Canadian! woo! tutorials galore

Shakti Sunfire - performances, tutorials, philosophy

Jonathan Baxter - workshops, philosophy
and a great history of hooping and meditation clip from Jonathan Baxter

Deanne Love - performances, classes, tutorials

Lisa Lottie - street performances, circus tricks

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