Friday, 18 January 2013

January Hooping: Dungeon vs Studio

Here's me hooping up a storm in my basement:

I counted 3 fumbles...

And this evening I got a chance to take in some studio time at Dance Stars Academy. So wonderful to not have pipes and joists just a few feet over my head...very restrictive in hoop dance!
fewer fumbles but not as tricky as the dungeon hooping...getting close to my goal of no drops in one song!

Technology is being mean to me today so I'm sorry I couldn't post the videos directly...Click the links and enjoy! Lots of goofy moments in there for you!

New Goal: More choreography and flow! Still not too shabby for 5 months hooping. I can't really pin point when I first started to hoop but I know it was after my daughter's birthday but before my some time around Aug 1/12.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Who's Who in Hoop Dance

Through all the online videos, tutorials, performances, online shops and blogs there seems to be a number of hoop celebrities. Not celebrities who are doing hula hooping. I'm talking about the hoopers who are leading, mentoring, and encouraging other hoopers in their hoop journey.

Some are innovators. Some are philosophical. Some are teachers. Some are performers. Some are all of these and more.

Here are some of the hoop celebrities I've been able to gleen from my online research:

Anah Reichenbach aka Hoopalicious - performances, workshops, philosophy
since she's the mother of hoop dance she can have 2 links here:)

Who will I be in 30 days?

I'm feeling like I should focus my motivation a bit...give myself a structure. So I've committed to doing 30 minutes of hoop dance each day for 30 days. I am recording myself and my goal is twofold. To make it through a song without a fumble and 2nd to see what kind of hooper I become after one month of focused dance. The video documentation will be revealing...I hope!

So far I've followed through on my commitment to myself for 6 days. I was actually getting bored with my dance style. So I busted out the Hoopnotica dvds and found some old moves I forgot I knew and it gave me a burst of energy!

Going over my videos from the last few nights I can see how DARK the dungeon is!
I'll get a nice bright video up here soon.

Happy Hooping

Hooping for Him

There are a lot of dudes who are hoop are a few of the more well known:

 Nick Broyd

Chad Forsberg

Jon Coyne (Hoopsmiles)

Nick Guzzardo

Steve Bags

Rich Porter

Zach from Ninja Hoops

Baxter from Hoop Path

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Dance Space = Motivation

Oh boy, hoopers!
I got a minute to visit a new dance studio that will be opening this month here in Charlottetown tonight.   Dance Stars Academy is working on their multi studio space and I'm super pumped that I will get to rent one of their empty studios for my practices or group classes/hoop jams and down the road workshops.

The studios will have a professional dance floor installed which means extra spring in our step! The ceilings are nice and high for those over the head moves and tosses. Dance Stars Academy will be the dance destination to train exciting for them!

Here is their site:

Now to take my burst of motivation and get to my 30 min for 30 days challenge. Not only am I focused on this 30 day goal, working at some mini hoops I just got yesterday, playing with my new LED polypro that I must share with my hooper 5 yr old daughter, reading a hoop bootcamp guide I found online...but I'm also working on some blog posts about dude hoopers and who all the hoop gurus are. Revolution Hoops was launched on Facebook and I'm getting closer to starting a hooping community/ business.

This will be a hoopy new year indeed!