Saturday, 5 January 2013

Dance Space = Motivation

Oh boy, hoopers!
I got a minute to visit a new dance studio that will be opening this month here in Charlottetown tonight.   Dance Stars Academy is working on their multi studio space and I'm super pumped that I will get to rent one of their empty studios for my practices or group classes/hoop jams and down the road workshops.

The studios will have a professional dance floor installed which means extra spring in our step! The ceilings are nice and high for those over the head moves and tosses. Dance Stars Academy will be the dance destination to train exciting for them!

Here is their site:

Now to take my burst of motivation and get to my 30 min for 30 days challenge. Not only am I focused on this 30 day goal, working at some mini hoops I just got yesterday, playing with my new LED polypro that I must share with my hooper 5 yr old daughter, reading a hoop bootcamp guide I found online...but I'm also working on some blog posts about dude hoopers and who all the hoop gurus are. Revolution Hoops was launched on Facebook and I'm getting closer to starting a hooping community/ business.

This will be a hoopy new year indeed!

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